TC Globalwork Founded In 2001.

The service we provide include:

3.Webpage Design and Hosting
4.Software Services and Product

Targeting successful implementation of best practice within industry.

Commendations From Customers

1.Combine Will Industrial Co., Ltd.
2.DataCable HK
3.Accountant - East Asia Professional Ltd.
4.Yuan Long Long Ping Estate Wai Chow School

Magazine Interview

1.PCM Interview about school web design
2.PCM Interview about project management
Software System Development

We can develop a custom software system, which will help you to:

  • Control costs
  • Utilize resources more effectively
  • Respond to customers faster
  • Reduce the amount of work for people
  • Improving productive performance

System Analysis And Design

We provide analysis, design and development services in the area of business application development as well as integration of commercial off-the-shelf packages.
Design For Audience

Every website design is targeted towards a specific audience, this is understood by our design professionals who create a customized look and feel that match your services and products.

Design For Market

We are completely dedicated to the success of each project. From creating a website which complements your existing marketing materials to developing an entirely new corporate identity for your company, we can serve your needs.
On Time And Budget

We have the reputation of delivering projects on time and on budget. If there is a solution for your business problem, we are committed to find the best solution.

Grow With Your Business

Customized applications must be developed with foresight. We understand that the application must be designed to be extensible.

Solutions designed by TC GLOBALWORK are easy to extend, so that your information systems will grow with your business.