Proposal + Quotation
System Analysis And Design
Setup And Testing
Free Support
After receiving the requirement on the software development, we will provide you a proposal including the estimations of the workload, the cost, and the timeframe.
Once we get the project, the technicians will immediately start to analyze and design the system to keep our understanding of requirement consistent with you.
Based on the Project Specification we start programming the application. We create user interfaces, design databases, and write back-end, all that under continuous quality management, which ensures the efficiency of our work and helps avoid overheads.

We will provide you with regular reports on your project progress, and intermediary releases of the program once they become available. That will allow you to monitor and control the progress of the development, test program as it becomes partially functioning, and make necessary adjustments to your project once you realize they are necessary.
When the program becomes ready, we undertake thorough testing of it. We perform testing in accordance with a specially developed test plan, which allows us to verify and ensure that all system requirements have been met. After testing, the system is delivered to you for your acceptance and deployment.
We always provide a 2 to 6 months' warranty for our programs, depending on their complexity. This period is normally sufficient for fixing any identified problems, which we do free of charge.

When you notice that something in the program functions abnormally, you simply need to call your Project Manager and describe the problem. In just a few days, sometimes even hours, we will locate and fix the bug, and deliver you an updated release of your program